quinta-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2009

Dia 1

Bons sinais chegam do outro lado do Atlântico, no primeiro dia de Barack Obama como 44º Presidente dos EUA:
The president spent part of the afternoon in a meeting with top military commanders running the war in Iraq. In a statement released afterward, Obama said he asked them to "engage in additional planning necessary to execute a responsible military drawdown from Iraq."
During the transition, Obama steadfastly refused to offer an opinion on the Israeli conflict in Gaza, noting there was only "one president at a time." On his first day, Gaza was very much on his mind. He placed calls to the leaders of Israel, Egypt, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority to discuss Gaza and ways of making the cease-fire endure. He told them he wanted to stop weapons from being smuggled to Hamas as a step toward a permanent end to the fighting, the White House said.
Obama also used Day One to signal his commitment to a central campaign promise: Upending the way Washington does business. He announced tough new restrictions on lobbying activity while pledging to make government more transparent.
n a move cheered by human rights activists, the administration also began circulating a draft executive order on Wednesday calling for a review of all cases at Guantanamo and the closure of the detention center within a year.
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