domingo, 4 de janeiro de 2009

Estímulo fiscal: recomendações do FMI

Como o fazer:
Based on lessons extracted from past crises, the IMF argues that fiscal stimulus should be:

- Timely (as there is an urgent need for action),
- Large (because the drop in demand is large),
- Lasting (as the recession will likely last for some time),
- Diversified (as there is uncertainty regarding which measures will be most effective),
- Contingent (to indicate that further action will be taken, if needed),
- Collective (all countries that have the fiscal space should use it given the severity and global nature of the downturn), and
- Sustainable (to avoid debt explosion in the long run and adverse effects in the short run).

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  1. hmmm.... lendo apenas o teu excerto, parece-me que o FMI está a pedir o impossível...
    Mas tenho que dar uma vista de olhos no artigo original.